Vinyl wrapping is the best way to change the look / color of your vehicle.  We specialize in complete wraps, partial wraps, trim wraps, and stripes.  We can wrap chrome trim, interior trim, and wheel faces as well.  We install ONLY the best and most trusted names of film in the business (3M, Avery, and ORACAL). There are literally hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from.  Vinyl wrap not only changes the look of your vehicle but it also protects the paint that it covers.  Contact us today for your free quote...



We offer services that are included but not limited to full upholstery services, seat covers, headliners, colored seat belts, suede wrapping, carbon fiber laminating, trim wrapping, trim painting, hydro-carbon coating, and floor mats.  If you have a design or an idea about your interior, please speak with us so that we can make it a reality...

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Paint Correction is the process by which the paint is restored to beyond its original luster and shine.  This picture shows a before / after of a 2015 For Explorer rear trim piece.  This process is performed by means of specialized polishing pads and compounds that slowly remove the imperfections in the paint.  Once the paint is perfect, it is ready to be protected.  Paint protection can be applied and / or Ceramic Pro can be applied to lock in that beautifully polished paint...
Paint protection film is the best way to protect your paint from environmental elements, rock chips, road debris, scratching, and scuffing.  We use XPEL and SUNTEK paint protection films, which are  self-healing, urethane films that are virtually invisible.  These films actually heal, by themselves, over time. From door handle surrounds to entire vehicles, we got you covered and protected...
We are fully equipped to handle almost anything.  This Dodge Viper was transformed by installing a Viper coupe rear fascia onto the Viper convertible.  Bodywork as well as paint can be performed by our partner.  We can make fabricate just about anything that you can dream up.  Just ask...
Are you looking to do a photoshoot for your ride..? Whether you want them to display, send to a magazine, or post them on social media, our in-house photographer has you covered.  We will take various photos of each build.  With the clients consent, we will feature the projects on our social media and website.  Gain notoriety and popularity with your vehicle...

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Ceramic coating is a great way to lock that perfectly polished paint in.  We are Certified Installers for Ceramic Pro, which is the industry leader for Ceramic Polymer Coatings.  This product is able to be layered, which provides Warrantied coverage for 2 years, 5 years, or a Lifetime.  There are also products specially designed to protect the interior of your vehicle as well, from staining, fading, and wearing.  This product makes maintenance an absolute breeze...



We offer powder coating and a higher temperature ceramic coating to our clients.  While your car is getting wrapped, polished, and/or protected, treat your wheels to some style... Calipers can also be coated and can be branded with logos of your choice if you want.  Exhaust tips, brackets, hinges, or anything else can be coated.  Inquire today...